Earth Music Composition Challenge 2020:

Note. LAST DAY FOR SUBMISSION: October 9, 2020.

This challenge will be widely spread, with the aim:
1. raising attention for the beauty of the earth,
2. moving towards more sustainable life
3. creating more respect and gratitude for the earth.
We support organisations that are specialised in this field.
Video links of the 'Earth Trilogy' compositions,
(if chosen) will be placed below with names of composers and performers.
The most wonderful one(s) will be surprised with... (that's a surprise).
Thank you for raising awareness for the Earth.

How to apply

1 Choose for each song from the given languages
   (download the application form below)

2 Write your Earth Trilogy for solo voice and one instrument

3 Use the given lyrics copyright free for non-profit only

4 Have the three songs performed by yourself or others

5 Make a video of the performance and put it public

6 Send the link to

7 We will put out  the best links on the site of living with the earth (look below)
8 join our facebook group:

Composition Challenge 2020 TRILOGY FOR THE EARTH 29 7 2020
PDF – 283,0 KB 317 downloads


living with the earth - awareness
To promote the sustainable coexistence of all life, plants, trees, animals and people with the earth on any scale. Bear in mind that a sustainable society is a holarchy in which four main aspects can be distinguished: spiritual, ecological, social, economic.

More info on Marja de Jong in English:


Original lyrics for the three songs: on top.
Translations: below that.
You can choose from these given languages.
Your Trilogy can contain more than one language.
Enjoy the process. We love to see your video coming.